Top 10 Coworking Space Management Software [2022]

This is a list of the top 10 management software for coworking spaces.

The concept of coworking space is nothing new. It has been around for almost two decades now. And ever since it has been growing.

Today, there are more than 20,000 coworking spaces around the globe.

And more than 7,000 coworking spaces use management software to streamline their processes.

These management software are very helpful and offer complete solutions to manage your entire operations.

Check out this list of coworking space management software but before that let’s look into…

Why Coworking Spaces Management Software Are Needed?

You must be a coworking space owner or manager that is why you’re here on this post. This means you’re well aware of the pain points of managing a coworking space.

Managing a coworking space is not as easy as it seems.

Like any other business, it includes all the complexities and requires complete attention and a workforce to manage it properly.

From sales to finance, there are a lot of things to manage and you need to organize each and everything to make it work smoothly. This is where coworking space management software comes into the picture and makes everything so easy and smooth.

Management software is needed to — 

  • Manage availability and booking of meeting rooms.
  • Assign meeting room credits to members.
  • Manage membership and bookings.
  • Manage attendance of members.
  • Register and check in visitors and feed their data into the system.
  • Create sales funnel and feed data of leads into the CRM.
  • Create and send marketing campaigns.
  • Payments management — the record of incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Invoice management —  create and send monthly recurrent invoices and keep a record of all incoming invoices in the system.
  • Deliveries tracking.
  • Printer management.
  • Day passes bookings and availability management.

and this list goes on…

So, if you’re also a coworking space manager tired of logging leads in excel sheets, struggling to keep records of invoices, or unable to manage bookings, a coworking space management software might be your life savior.

But there is one more question that arises before looking into the management software —

How To Choose The Best Software To Manage Your Coworking?

There is a lot of management software for coworking spaces but which one you should go for?

There are a few things you should keep in mind before choosing a management software —

For whom you’re looking this software?

Are you looking to delight members or managers?

Are you looking for management software to enhance the user experience by creating and automating the process of meeting room bookings, printing, check-ins, offering perks, support, community, easy access to events, Rooms & Desk booking, etc?

Or are you trying to make the admin work easy by organizing the process of invoicing, recurring payments, managing the sales funnel, logging leads into CRM, etc?

Office RnD

Office RnD is the leading coworking space and flexible space management software used by more than 2000 spaces in 50+ countries.

It enables operators to automate the administrative processes, deliver an enhanced experience to members, and helps the users to make data-driven decisions.

Office RnD was started with a belief that flexible working should be the way of working.

Since then they have managed to provide 360-degree solutions to coworking spaces and flexible workspaces.

From booking management, lead management, and inventory management to billing and payments, Office RnD is the solution for a coworking space.

 You can even create and manage contracts and memberships of your members.


  • Billing and payments
  • Contracts and membership management
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Lead and member management
  • Inventory management
  • Analytics and reports
  • Multi-location management
  • Community and collaboration
  • Coworking member apps


With office RnD, you can integrate all the software you use to manage your tasks.

  • Accounting
    – Xero and Quickbooks Online
  • Payments
    – Paypal, Stripe, Gocard less, and many more.
  • Booking & Scheduling
    – Google Calendar, Coworker, Office 365, LiquidSpace.
  • Printing
    – ezeep and PaperCut
  • Wifi/Check-in
    – Cisco Meraki, Iron Wifi
  • Sales CRM
    – Hubspot CRM, MS Dynamics, Capsule
  • Collaboration/Community